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burnttrades's Journal

Burnt Trades
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A community for users to trade burnt CDs, DVDs, MP3s, etc. . .

This community is for users to setup trades for burnt media (CDs, DVDs, audio books, MP3s, etc. . .) It's ok if your selling original media too. Feel free to post your lists. You don't have to trade for other media, it can be anything (giftcards, clothing, makeup, shoes, toys, whatever). If you're selling your copies, please keep those conversations limited to your private messages. Thank you.

Community Rules:

+ No drama!
+ Do not SPAM! (No free site, referral links, advertising other communities, etc...)
+ Trade/sell at your own risk! (meaning I'm not response if you get ripped off) Ask for a trader's feedback from eBay, Laundromatic, MUA, Soompi & etc. . .
+ Do not post a billion images. Use LJ cut for images over 400x400.
+ Feel free to e-mail me if there is any problems!